Ottawa Police Civilian Collective Agreement

We have already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the IRS which stipulates that your existing terms of employment will be maintained until new collective agreements are negotiated. Your commitment and support to your union will be essential to achieving a positive outcome in negotiations with the employer. As agreed during negotiations and mediation, the RCMP and Shared Services Canada (SSC) have provided the Institute with a letter confirming the application and interpretation of certain provisions in collective agreements: any amendment to this agreement requires written agreement from the Institute and the employer. Extensive testing was conducted by the Treasury Board, the RCMP and Public Services and Supply Canada to assess the overall stability of the Phoenix payroll system and its ability to pay civilian members of the RCMP. On March 2, 2020, after testing, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki announced that she was not fully satisfied that all the conditions had been met. As a result, the adoption will not take place on 21 May 2020 and no new date has yet been announced. The RCMP CM negotiating team has set itself the goal of reaching a fair and equitable agreement to address the concerns and priorities of our civilian members, as defined by civilian members during the consultation of members. These priorities included sick leave, annual leave, working time, overtime, time-to-time banks and age transfer. As with the other negotiated provisions, these measures will continue as long as the former civilian member remains in a bargaining unit represented by the Institute, either within the RCMP or for civilian members who, at the time of their position, become collaborators of Shared Services Canada (SSC) as long as they remain in the SSC or RCMP. Finally, we are committed to supporting the negotiations in good faith and look forward to working with you to ensure the stability and safety of civilian personnel. The employer undertakes to accept all unused and deserving vacation benches of a former civilian member on which it was entitled on the day immediately preceding the date of deeming (including leave credits, licence period, operational response and isolated postal credits).