Education Shopping Agreement Apple

When you make your purchase, you must prove that you are in training, for example. B The Apple Store in the UK asks you to verify your student or employee status through UNiDAYS. And while we`d never recommend it if you have a friend or family member who`s currently in training and willing to help you, you could technically buy your new Mac on their behalf. Buying from Apple`s Purdue University website is a great way to harness the benefits of Apple Education Awards for Mac® computer, Apple software, and selected accessories. It`s also an easy way to buy an iPad® or iPhone® and gives you customization and customization options. Unlike the Apple Education Store, which doesn`t immediately check your qualification status, UNiDAYS checks your educational status in advance. You must provide proof of registration before having access to discount offers. If you are a teacher, teacher or other staff member of an educational institution, you can apply for the discount by presenting an identity card, pay slip or any other form of identity card proving that you work there. Apple requires any customer and/or order to include a current and valid agreement. If your institution is not authorized under the listed agreements or if you wish to purchase products that are not covered by the agreements, please contact Apple Inc. directly at 1-800-800-2775 to speak to a representative. You cannot sponsor the purchase of products by an educational institution. The woman is a teacher, so if anyone wants a more legitimate way to use the educational discount, send me your order and credit card information, and I`ll have it sent home immediately.

“To buy products with Apple`s educational discount, simply go to the Apple Education Pricing Store, select your equipment (there`s a limit to how much you can buy each year) and check. It`s just like buying something else on Apple`s website, except it`s cheaper. If Apple isn`t sure about your educational status, you can send an email for verification, but you don`t have to provide a login or certificate in advance. “If you have any questions about the information in your country or would like more details about the agreements available, please contact the Apple Contracts team under The Apple Education Pricing site displays the price you pay with the educational discount, but not the original price. To see what you`re saving on a particular product, check out that product at the Apple Education Store, check the same product at the regular Apple Store, and then compare prices. For example, the Apple Education Store presents a simple 13-inch MacBook Air at $899, while in the normal Apple Store it costs $999 $US online. It`s true. I bought all my new products with the educational discount. Granted, I still have an .edu account if they`ve already verified, but the impression I got when I was working at Apple was that they didn`t give anything. .